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The not so secret, Secret Society.

What you can’t do on Facebook, you can do here. What you can do on Facebook, you can also do here.
Say what you want, Post what you want, Sell what you want, Buy what you want, Do what you want.
Without fear of being CENSORED, SILENCED or BANNED.

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No One is going to protect your feelings here.

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About FBJail

FBJail has grown into a POWERHOUSE with hundreds of innocent Inmates from all over the world. That number continues to grow each day! While Facebook and friends served as a good starting point for us to unite everyone, it is time for us to break the “handcuffs” of their restrictions and transition to a platform where FREEDOM OF SPEECH is still key.

Welcome to the all-new FBJail  Online Community!

 Whether you are participating in group discussions, posting your favorite Mugshot, Meme, or video. No matter how biased, one sided or graphic. FBJail’s Online Community will provide a space for it without fear of being censored, silenced or banned.
More news, announcements, apparel and website features will be announced in the coming weeks, so stay tuned. In the meantime, go get your shank, hit the yard and TURN UP.
The Mission

Making Freedom of Speech GREAT AGAIN.

#StayTuned #1millioin+Strong #WeOutHere #ShoutOutsToYall


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